Hydrographics By Design is a business that sells water transfer printing equipment, film, and activator. The hydrographic equipment is Made In America, and there are multiple sizes to help fit the needs of the client. Hydrographics By Design offers a wide variety of water transfer films ranging from Camouflage to Skulls to Marble. If none of those categories fit, then look under Design for Flags, Water Drops, and much more. The activator works with all of Hydrographics By Design's films in stock and those films purchased from other companies.

Water Transfer Printing, Hydrographic Printing, Camo Dipping, and many other names mean the same process, in which, an item is taken and "dipped" with a film causing it to have the look of that film on it. This can be done almost any object or material, and there are many designs to fit each person's needs. Hydrographics By Design's owners are knowledgeable when it comes to the hydroimaging process and can support their customers with troubleshooting problems.

Hydrographics By Design is American Owned and Operated, God Bless the USA.